Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome to Fall 2014 Digital Narrative Theory and Practice

This course blends theory and practice in an exploration of digital narrative: how stories can be told and experienced with digital and new media technologies. We will work critically and creatively with linear and nonlinear narratives in a range of media: writing, graphics, animation, games, multimedia, virtual worlds, and interactive media.  In particular, we will consider how interactivity changes narrative, and whether there are new kinds of digital narratives and aesthetics emerging as our engagement with narrative encompasses playing and interacting as well as seeing, hearing, and reading. There is a strong emphasis on play and games, specifically video games and other forms of interactive new media. 

Students create projects including interactive fiction, games, movies, and online installations that illuminate ideas about story, play, character, time, presence, and interactivity; analyze their creative work using the critical concepts they learn to connect theory and practice; and experiment with new media software programs.